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David LaRoche Murfreesboro Estate Planning Lawyer

DavidElder Law Encompasses Health Care and Estate Issues

As an individual or couple reaches senior years, taking care of health care needs, medical expenses and unexpected challenges or losses takes on a greater significance. Quality of life issues come into play as an older or disabled person navigates the health care system. Financial and legal questions demand answers. An elder care attorney can be of great help through these challenges.

Probate Administration for Families and Individuals in Tennessee

As one generation passes to the next in a family, proper management of the transfer of assets is fundamental to overall financial well-being of the family. Thoughtful preparations can ensure a lasting financial legacy of the deceased. Murfreesboro estate planning attorney and probate lawyer David B. LaRoche, Attorney at Law, capably assists clients throughout the region, including the Murfreesboro and Nashville area in the following practice areas:

Once a death in the family has occurred, it is important to respect the wishes of the deceased while preserving amicable family relationships. Conflicts between business partners or adult children can be avoided through careful attention to the best ways of resolving an estate. After a loved one has passed away, family members who are responsible for settling the estate often reach out to a lawyer for guidance and assistance. Mr. LaRoche has a great deal of experience smoothing the process of estate administration for Tennessee residents as well as out-of-state family members.

Estate Planning for Tennessee Residents

Thinking about death is uncomfortable for many people. However, preparing for the future is one of our most fundamental responsibilities in life. Once a death in the family occurs, the time for executing the plan likewise requires careful thought and attention.

A well-designed estate plan allows for:

  • Clarification of ultimate financial goals
  • Clear directions for distribution of assets after death
  • Provision for loved ones
  • Support for preferred charitable organizations
  • Peace of mind

Many people in Tennessee and elsewhere find that a detailed review of an estate plan is a key component of financial planning for a lifetime. Saving for college, for purchase of a home, for business purposes and for retirement — all these financial goals are part of the big picture. Planning for final distribution of assets after death is, in fact, an important component of financial planning. Wills and trusts are time-honored tools that help ensure that a deceased person's wishes are respected.

Consult With a Rutherford County Probate Law Attorney

Plan wisely and execute plans carefully with the guidance of Rutherford County estate administration lawyer David B. LaRoche. Contact the law firm by phone or e-mail to schedule a consultation.

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